Governor releases book titled ‘Ikigai insight’

Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla released the book titled ‘Ikigai Insight’ written by Dr. Pramod Sharma at Raj Bhawan, today.

Appreciating the efforts of Dr. Pramod Sharma, the Governor said that books were the best companion enhancing ones knowledge and vision. The books enrich, enlighten and empower human mind and assist in improving the quality of life.

The Governor hoped that this book would definitely help the readers to define their life’s mission more clearly and coherently and would certainly motivate  people for devoting their time for the service of the mankind at large.

The Governor also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Pramod Sharma for bringing out good books in the past as well which impacts the readers to a great extent on the social and related issues.

On the occasion, Dr. Pramod Sharma briefed that this was his 15th book in the series and the present book ‘Ikigai Insight’ is based on the Japanese Philosophy of holistic living for a healthy, wealthy and happy life. This book tells us how we can live a great life for a pretty long time. In this book Ikigai has been shown as a common intersection point of one’s passion, mission, vocation and profession, he added.

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