Government already knew about monsoon, but still did not hold arrangement meeting: Jairam

BJP Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur while addressing a press conference in Shimla said that Himachal has suffered heavy losses due to floods and rains. The loss of both life and property has been huge, it was an unexpected rain and more than 170 people have lost their lives in Himachal.

There has definitely been a lot of infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh, he said that the opposition’s stand is clear in the moments of this crisis and we are giving full cooperation to the government. We have fully helped the government and as per the guidelines of BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda, our workers have also worked unitedly to help the affected families.

Jairam Thakur clearly said that if politics has started in this hour of disaster, then it has been done by the Congress government. Politics was never done by the opposition, in this hour of crisis, the opposition is standing shoulder to shoulder with the government and the people of Himachal Pradesh.

It is unfortunate that the ruling party is constantly trying to blame the BJP. Jai Ram Thakur said that when our government was in power, we had witnessed major epidemics like flood, Covid-19, but even at that time, there was no such mismanagement in Himachal.

He said that in Himachal Pradesh there are 3 seasons of rain, summer and winter. Preparations are made for flood in rainy season, drought in summer and winter in snow. For the management of these preparations, a state-level meeting is organized in which both the Chief Minister and the officers participate. But this time no such meeting took place. This government knew that heavy rains are going to come, monsoon is going to come soon, so the meeting should have been done soon.

It is the role of the opposition to bring the shortcomings to the notice of the government, but it is unfortunate to hold the opposition responsible for politics.

The government should introspect before blaming the opposition, the mistakes will come out on their own.

He said that we have apprised Union Minister Amit Shah, National President Jagat Prakash Nadda about the flood situation in Himachal through telephone and personally. After which he provided a relief amount of 382 crores in Himachal Pradesh through the Central Government. Run NDRF rescue operation, the team which comes in the month of November to take stock of the damage, has come immediately and is about to submit its report to the Centre.

But the Chief Minister’s statement that no help has been received from the Center is a lie.

The work of providing immediate relief to the public is going on in a haphazard manner. Congress office bearers, MLA’s family members, Congress workers are distributing cash for quick amount and want to gain publicity for the same. Overall, there is discrimination even in giving relief to the public.

The army’s helicopters which have been used for rescue, their leaders themselves are sitting in them. Whereas those helicopters are used only to evacuate the trapped people, these helicopters also came in our time but we did not use them, we let the army do its work. Their leaders are taking selfies in these helicopters, doing photography and then posting them on social media.

This attitude of the ruling party is unfortunate.

He said that we also told Union Minister Nitin Gadkari the reality of Himachal Pradesh and told him how much damage has been done to the national highways and roads. We requested him to come to Himachal and take stock of it, he immediately agreed. Now Nitin Gadkari will come to Kullu Manali on August 1 and after that will once again visit other areas of Himachal Pradesh.

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