Farmers are happy due to the huge jump in the price of tomato

Tomato season has started in the low-lying areas of Junga tehsil. Due to getting good prices of tomatoes, the face of the farmers has returned brightly. The farmers of the Junga region export tomatoes to Solan, the biggest vegetable market of the state, where these days a crate of tomatoes is being sold at a maximum of Rs 1500, ie Rs 70 to 80 per kg. While last year Himsona’s karat was sold for Rs.300 and hybrid only for Rs.150 to Rs.200, due to which the farmers did not even get the price of insecticides. Progressive farmer Pritam Thakur says that if the prices of tomatoes continue like this, then the farmers will become twelve. The brokers believe that as the arrival of tomatoes will increase in the mandis or tomatoes from other states will come, the prices of tomatoes may fall in the coming days.
Some farmers of the Junga area told that even in the year 2020, tomato crates were sold in the Solan vegetable market for a maximum of Rs 1500, due to which farmers are producing tomatoes and capsicum in abundance every year. This year, the farmers focused their attention on the production of Lasuhan and French beans, due to which the farmers got good prices for Lasuhan this year. These days, French beans are being sold in the vegetable market for Rs. 20 to 25 per kg.
Significantly, on the lines of Solan, tomato cultivation is done on a large scale in the Junga area. Tomato and capsicum have become the main source of income for the farmers. Aadhti Vinod Sharma and transporter Pradeep Bragta say that in the initial phase, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 1500 per karat, due to which the farmers are getting a lot of profit. He said that apart from Solan mandi, tomatoes are being sent to Delhi and Panipat from Rajgarh and many areas of Solan and Shimla’s districts bordering on the border. Farmers demand that tomato, peas, capsicum, and potato crops should be brought under a crop insurance scheme so that farmers can be compensated. 0000
photo caption. Farmers filling tomatoes for vegetable markets

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