Ranbir Thakur, District Vice President of Sirmour BJP Yuva Morcha in Himachal has been given a big responsibility in BJP organization

 Ranbir Thakur, District Vice President of Sirmour District BJP Yuva Morcha in Himachal Pradesh has been given a big responsibility in the BJP organization. Ranveer Thakur has been given a short-term extension in Kishangarh Vidhansabha Borda Mandal by Ajmer district of Rajasthan under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s program *My booth is the strongest*

Earlier, on June 27, Ranveer Thakur was sent to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh to represent Himachal Pradesh under the dialogue program with Modi ji. After the successful implementation of this program, Ranbir Thakur has been given the responsibility of short-term expansion in Borda Mandal of Kishangarh Vidhansabha in Rajasthan State.

Ranveer Thakur, a resident of Thaula village near Haripurdhar in Sirmour district, has been associated with the organization since childhood and is holding the post of District Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha. Youth BJP leader Ranbir Thakur is constantly associated with the activities of the organization and recently he went to Bhopal with a 34-member team from Madhya Pradesh under the leadership of Himachal Pradesh BJP State Organization Minister Siddhartham and participated in a dialogue program with Narendra Modi. From there, State Organization Minister Siddhartham sent Ranveer Thakur as a short-term extension to Borda Mandal of Kishangarh Assembly in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan.

Ranbir Thakur told that during his stay there for 1 week he will visit every booth and under my booth sabse sakti program there will be information about various public welfare schemes of the central government as well as for the empowerment of the booth among the youth towards the party. Will do the work of awakening new consciousness.

Ranbir Thakur told that during this time he will form a booth committee with photographs at each booth and will form a WhatsApp group of booth workers and voters and will also work to connect maximum youth power with the Bharatiya Janata Party so that my booth becomes the most prominent. Bharatiya Janata Party can be strengthened under a strong program. He told that along with this he will also review the organizational work at every booth so that in 2024 the mission repeat of the Modi government at the Center can be made successful.

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