Congress is misleading farmers by doing politics on apple import duty: BJP


BJP leader Chetan Bragta who is son of Former Horticulture Minister Nardinder Bragta hailed the Modi government for decreasing import duty on US Apple by 20 percent he termed the decision farsighted and accused Congress leaders of spreading canard on US pro-grower’s decisions.

Convening a Press conference to defend Prime Minister Mr Bragta said that Priyanka Gandhi misled the people of Himachal on the issue of Apple however decision of the center government would play an important role in the economy.

 Refuting Congress and Left parties from playing politics Chetan Bragta just that in 2001, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had increased the import duty from 30 pc to 50 p c Despite this, in 2011 the Congress government signed in WTO and import duty not gone above 50 pc.

“In 2017, the apple that came from China was banned by the Modi government, and the minimum import price was decided by the Modi government on May 9, 2023. According to this, imported apples priced below Rs 50 could not be dumped in India. 

Hailing the decision of slashing import duty and resolving WTO cases with the US during the G-20 summit Chetan warned the Congress that it should not touch emotional issues and place in the state also linked to the economy.

It is not the first time Mr. Chetan Bragta defended the decreasing of import duty on the US Apple. Still, during the previous BJP regime, he also supported the hike of GST on Apple cartons and packaging material.

During Modi’s Election campaign in 2014, BJP promised to hike import duty on US apples from 70 pc to 100 pc but foreign Apples are being allowed to flood the Indian Market by relaxing duties.

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