CM Sukhu urges all 7 MP of LS & RS from Himachal to raise the issue of torrential rains in the Parliament

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu urged the opposition BJP MPs belonging to  Lok Sabha and Rajaya Sabhya to raise the issue of the unprecedented rain disaster in Himachal Pradesh in the parliament. Mr. Sukhu was interacting with a media person on Friday. He said that all four MPs from Himachal Pradesh Lok Sabha did not raise the issue of rain disaster in the recent monsoon session. He said that he extended thanks to Union Minister Amit Shah, Prime Minister, and BJP President JP Nadda as they inquired about the rain situation and sought what type of assistance the state desired.

BJP president Rajiv Bindal also stated yesterday that the party would help the Congress government to restore normal life again in the flood-hit state and it would join shoulder to shoulder for the assistance. However, the BJP leader was also demanded by the Congress party to help the state for raising the state situation which is going from bad to worse with every passing day.

Meanwhile, a   video went viral on social media about a spat between Nachan MLA Vinod Kumar and SDM of Mandi district. The MLA was pressing to distribute the Tarpaulin to the rain-affected family however SDM said that she had gone to the spot and identified the affected family. The SDM went into tears following the alteration however the issue was resolved later.

There is information that some of the unaffected families are pressing the administration to provide them blankets and Tarpaulin however state and district administration are under pressure from the real beneficiary to provide them shelter, ration, and protection materials to save their property from danger. Some of the BJP MLAs also sought early convening of the Monsoon session of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly however Chief Minister has rejected the proposal stating that monsoon conditions is going worst every day and it is no time to convene the session instead the Legislature and MPs should be among the constituents who are affected by the heavy rainfall.

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