Border Road Organization clears Lahaul- Zanskar Valley, road still susceptible to Avalanche

Border Road Organization, Indian Armed forces construction wing announced that on strategic Manali-Leh National Highway it successfully cleared snow from Shinkula Pass on Darcha-Shinkula-Padum road connecting the Lahaul and Zanskar Valley again. 

State Administration Lahaul-Spiti issued traffic Advisory last night that in wake of upcoming inclement weather from tomorrow to regulate the vehicular traffic on the highway stating that it is highly susceptible to Avalanche especially owing to current weather conditions. 

Spokesperson of district administration said that information was passed to the general public that the traffic movement on DS ( Darcha- Shinkula ) Road would regulated .

 BRO authorities have informed that they have successfully cleared the snow from Shinkula Pass on the Darcha- Shinkula- Padum  Road, connecting the Lahaul & Zanskar Valley again after the closure due to heavy snowfall during the winter season however keeping in mind the isolation, vulnerability profile of the route, its susceptibility to avalanches and the current road and weather conditions and to ensure the safety of the people traveling on this route.  

Commuters are also cautioned that road  leading to Shinkula-Shakula pass is one way, therefore movement of vehicles should be permitted on alternate days from Darcha to Zanskar and vice versa.  

In this sequence today on 28th of March 2023 vehicles should be allowed to move from Darcha to Zanskar only and only local carrying four by four wheeled vehicles should be permitted to travel for now on this route. 

Movement should be confined in between 0900 to 1400hrs only as no Tourist vehicles would be allowed to move beyond Darcha. In case of any emergency & more information on weather or road status of the valley and in event of any natural calamity or  incident kindly contact District Disaster Control Room.

Manali Leh national highway ( NH-003) is open for all type of vehicles up to Darcha. The Darcha Shinkula road is open for all local 4*4 vehicles. The Pangi Killar Highway SH ( -26) is open to all types of local vehicles. Kaza road ( NH -505) is closed from Graphu to Kaza and Sumdo to Losar is open for all types of vehicles.

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