BJP’s massive protest on 25th September

BJP State General Secretary Trilok Kapoor, Bihari Lal Sharma and Dr. Sikandar Kumar said that the Congress government of Himachal Pradesh is a failed government. If you look anywhere, you will see only the shortcomings of this government. In terms of achievements, this government is a huge void, but in terms of failures and shortcomings, this government is first in the development competition.

He said that the workers of Bharatiya Janata Party, Himachal Pradesh will show the mirror to the Congress government in Shimla on September 25, by holding a vigorous demonstration, they will bring out the failures of the Congress party one by one and the way the public is facing problems with this government. Will take it in front of everyone.

All the leaders of the Congress government are liars and are serving their tenure only on the basis of lies. You must have seen that whenever the public, administration and society ask questions to this government, these people do not hesitate in telling lies.

He said that this government is running the worst in terms of mismanagement, 13 corporations and boards of Himachal Pradesh are currently running in losses. In this, the highest loss of Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited has reached Rs 1809.60 crore. Apart from this, HRTC Finance Corporation has a loss of Rs 1707.11 crore and Finance Corporation has a loss of Rs 180.97 crore. This government has done nothing to improve the financial condition of these departments and continues to sing that we do not have money.

This government is just a government of whining and crying and is leaving everyone behind in this work.

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