BJP will surround the Assembly on 25th September: Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajiv Bindal said that it has been 10 months since the Congress government was established in Himachal Pradesh and ever since the Congress government came to power in Himachal Pradesh, more than 1000 government institutions have been closed, which it is doing today. Couldn’t answer till now.

Bharatiya Janata Party had cut diesel by Rs 7, but as soon as it came, this Congress government increased it.

By increasing the cost of electricity, ration, and oil, the people of Himachal Pradesh broke their backs due to inflation.

This government has proved to be a complete failure from the point of view of disaster management; the people of Himachal Pradesh have been affected due to mutual contradictions.

By singing the song of Mera Tera in disaster relief money, this government has spread nepotism, ever since this government came to power, the law and order situation has deteriorated. People have not been able to forget the Chamba massacre yet and many examples of deteriorating law and order have come to light in every corner of Himachal Pradesh. Now, in the Chief Minister’s home district, a sister’s face was blackened, her hair was cut and she was taken around the village, this is an unfortunate incident. But this incident exposed the law and order situation. If seen, this government has failed on every front.

Bharatiya Janata Party and legislative parties together are going to hold a big demonstration outside the Assembly on 25th September. This demonstration will be to show this government that where have your 10 guarantees gone, that the common people were expecting from the government and this government could not live up to those expectations. BJP will surround the Assembly on the issues of law and order, inflation, guarantee, contradiction, feeling of revenge, closure of institutions, disaster, mine and yours.

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