CITU and Kisan Sabha to stage protest for providing compensation to rain-affected families on 20 September

CITU and Kisan Sabha will stage a barricade against the government on 20 September 2023 to provide compensation to the families affected by the devastation caused by heavy rains in the state. It is noteworthy that Himachal Pradesh has faced the worst disaster in the last 100 years due to which lakhs of people in Himachal Pradesh have been affected. There has been a loss of properties worth about thirty thousand crores. Thousands of people are rendered homeless and forced to live in tents. But despite such a terrible tragedy, the Central Government is not declaring this terrible disaster in Himachal as a national disaster. Whereas in Himachal Pradesh, about 67% of the total land area is forest land. In this too, only 27% of the land is forested and the rest of the land is lying vacant but Himachal Pradesh cannot utilize its resources for itself. Modi government is deliberately not helping the people of Himachal out of political malice and is deliberately not declaring this terrible disaster as a national disaster.

Till now it has been seen that the present government of Himachal Pradesh is also not giving any special relief to the people and the government and its representatives are limited to just clicking selfies. Thousands of families are homeless in Himachal Pradesh today and immediate steps need to be taken for their rehabilitation, hence CITU and Kisan Sabha will jointly protest at the district headquarters on 20th September.

At a time when the state is facing such a terrible disaster, work is hardly available under MNREGA in the state. In this budget, the Modi government has cut 30% of the MNREGA budget from Rs 96 thousand crore to Rs 70 thousand crore, while Modiji has canceled the loans of Rs 2 lakh 30 thousand crore from his corporate friends from April 2023 to August. Have forgiven. At a time when the entire state is facing a terrible natural disaster, people whose homes and families have been destroyed are helpless even to earn two meals a day, this unprecedented natural disaster of the state should be declared a national disaster, and MNREGA should be implemented in the state immediately. A huge demonstration will be held at Gandhi Chowk Hamirpur on 20th September to start the MNREGA work by self-approving, immediate release of benefits pending in the Labor Welfare Board, and the demand letter of the disaster-affected families will be handed over to the Prime Minister through the District Magistrate.

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