Apples are sold on the basis of kg, which is beneficial for gardeners: Balbir

BJP spokesperson and MLA Balbir Verma said Apple season has begun and the gardener is worried, The horticulturists are facing a lot of problems in this Congress government.

He said that in all our mandis, there is a tussle between all our agents and the government. The government had made an election promise that the orchardists would decide the rate of apples themselves, but nothing like this happened.

Due to this problem, the orchardists have to sell apples elsewhere.

The government should understand that Apple gives its quality in two-three days, and its shelf life is less.

He said that the Agriculture and Horticulture Minister of Himachal Pradesh is presenting decrees like a Mughal ruler.

And Tughlaqi orders are being issued.

They have not made any preparation for their announcements, have not awakened them in the mandis and if apples have to be sold after weighing them, there is no provision for weighing them in the mandis.

Now the police and SDM are going and saying directly that if apples are not sold in this way, the licenses of the jobbers will be canceled.

HPMC does not have any provision to buy apples, so how will they buy apples. The difference between this state of confusion is falling on the gardeners of Himachal, Himachal is not plucking its apples. The government is taking pleasure in this quarrel which has been going on for so many days and is torturing the gardeners.

We have only one request to the Chief Minister and Ministers that gardeners and farmers are food providers and they work hard in their fields for the whole 1 year. Farmers sprinkle spray, fertilizers, and medicines by taking loans. Don’t let it hurt.

Today there is suspense in the market, everyone is facing problems.

The Bharatiya Janata Party wants that apples should be sold on the basis of kilos, there is no doubt that it is beneficial for the growers. There is a need for a kind of carton in Himachal, the government should think about it.

He said that the government’s preparation is zero on the ground and no one from the government has gone to the field to talk to the gardeners. It is the duty of the government to make the gardeners understand the process.

Stop exploiting real gardeners, gardeners and farmers have also brought this government to power.

He said that gardeners get their money from SIT, where is the justice in this? Even today billions of rupees of gardeners are stuck with the jobbers, and the government is not doing anything about that. The gardeners have to wander for their own money.

The people to whom the government is giving the license agents are also taking licenses in the name of Dharo and they will disappear after buying apples. The gardener is very upset, before today we used to sell apples in Delhi but not a single penny was lost.

Three agencies are giving licenses in Himachal Pradesh, we demand that only one agency should give licenses,s and that too with a foolproof mechanism.

BJP media in-charge Karan Nanda and BJP leader Surat Negi were present at this press conference.

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