Apple gardeners are upset, there is no coordination between Chief Minister, Minister, and MLA: Jairam

BJP Leader of the Opposition said that the Himachal government is doing injustice to the Gods. If you look closely, there is absolutely no coordination between the Chief Minister, Horticulture Minister, and Theog MLA.

The Chief Minister says that apples will be sold the way they were being sold, the Horticulture Minister says that they will be sold on the basis of kilos and their MLAs say something else. Due to this the Gods are facing a big problem, how will the apple growers sell apples according to kg when there is no facility to weigh them in the mandis.

He said that the Central Government has helped Himachal Pradesh in every way during this calamity, be it by providing helicopter or relief money.

But the Congress government did not even thank the central government.

He said that even the Congress leaders went so far as to say that the army was not present to rescue the people trapped in the disaster and the Chief Minister brought them to rescue. I want to ask that it was the army personnel who brought out the people trapped in the disaster, did the Chief Minister carry them on his shoulders?

He said that the funds sent by the Center for the disaster are being distributed among the people in cash by the ministers and leaders of the Congress. Photographs are being taken with him, he only wants to take credit and nothing else.

He said that I would like to thank Union Minister Nitin Gadkari he immediately providing funds to repair the National Highway of Himachal Pradesh and also waiving the toll tax.

He also congratulated all the newly appointed office bearers of the BJP and said that in the coming 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP will register a historic victory on all four seats in Himachal Pradesh and will once again form the government at the center under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On this occasion, a delegation of BJP state officials met Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur, State General Secretary Bihari Lal Sharma, State Vice President Sanjeev Katwal, Secretary Vinod Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Thakur, Office Secretary Pramod Thakur, Office Co-Secretary Kiran Baba, Sapna Kashyap, State Treasurer Kamal Sood, State Media In-charge Karan Nanda, Co-media in-charge Pyaar Singh, Rama Thakur and Sudeep Mahajan were present.

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