AAP may change power equation in Himachal : Anil Sharma

Son of former Congress stalwart Pt Sukh Ram and ruling exciled BJP MLA Anil Sharma stated on Saturday that Aam Adami Party entry in the state may change power equation as the outfit is not only capable to wrestle the power in hill state moreover it may keep away the winning party from the power and oddly pave the way to other changing existing trend of alternate party rule after five years. Speaking to media at Mandi on Saturday. Mr Sharma said that AAP is succeeding to win the heart of the people of Dehli first  now in Punjab offering attractive slogans of free  power and waters, better education and health. He said that people of Himachal Pradesh could not be allured by these issues by the AAP but they likely to project similar issues affecting People of Himachal too. He said that issue could be different but AAP may dent the prospect of either party to keep away or come to power in changing scenario. He cautioned that both Congress and BJP may have face massive defection or erosion during upcoming Assembly Election as those who would not have ticket may cross fence to joins the AAP as it would be best option to many of them or may create crisis in both the parties. He said that danger of massive exodus during Assembly Election is looming large in existing outfits in the state and entry of AAP may creat shakes wave too. Mr Sharma’s statement is relevant at a time when AAP leader and Delhi and Punjab CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwat Man are going to address the first rally in the bastion of Pt Sukh Ram and home district of Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur (at Paddal ground) in Mandi on April 6. Mr Sharma who is himself as a fence seaters due to exiled BJP MLA in the Jai Ram Thakur Government may trouble the later as without joining the new outfit he could play spoil sports to make the congregation a grand success behind the scene. Mr Sharma couldn’t defy party whip being the member of BJP legislative party. The way he had been sidelined by the ruling party for last three years( after his son Ashrya Sharma joined the Congress party and fought Lok Sabha Election in 2019 against the BJP)  Mr Sharma is in affix. As he didn’t expelled by the BJP after his son joined Congress, continue to be member of BJP legislative party although he was not being invited in the legislative party meeting or allowed to speak in the house. Mr Sharma had been blamed ruling BJP to discriminate his Assembly constituency. Now Mr Sharma may join the Congress party during the upcoming Assembly Election or he may join the AAP too. Pt Sukh Ram is considered pioneer of 3rd front in Himachal as he had successfully formed coalition BJP- HVC(Himachal Vikas Congress) government in 1998 by keeping Congress party out of power. The role of Anil Sharma and his son Ashrya Sharma became prominent in changing Political scenario one again.

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