Prathiba urges Lok and Rajya Sabha MPs to make united efforts to compensate for damage caused by heavy rains & landslides in Himachal

State Congress President and MP All India Congress Working Committee member Pratibha Singh has written a separate letter to the three Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs of the state BJP, urging them to make united efforts to compensate for the damage caused by heavy rains and landslides in the state and to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Met Modi and requested him to get special financial help by declaring this disaster a national disaster.
Pratibha Singh has written in her letter that there has been a huge loss of life and property due to landslides caused by heavy rains and floods in the state. On one hand, there has been a huge loss of movable and immovable property worth crores of rupees in the state, on the other hand, public life has also been badly affected by this disaster.
In a democracy, elected representatives have a huge responsibility for providing relief and rehabilitation work to the people during such disasters.
Even though we have different ideologies in politics, being MPs of Himachal Pradesh, it is our duty to come together to help the affected people in this disaster that has hit the state and cooperate with the state government in the rehabilitation works.
I believe that all of us MPs should unite and cooperate in relief and rehabilitation work in this disaster in the interest of the state. It is for this purpose that I am sending you this letter.
As you know, due to limited resources and the dire economic situation in the state, we are dependent on the central government for any assistance. Therefore, we should declare this disaster as a national disaster and demand a special economic package for the state. For this, the cooperation of all you honorable MPs is very important. If we all together make the Prime Minister aware of the huge loss of life and property caused by this disaster in the state, then the Prime Minister will definitely understand the pain of the state and fulfill our demand.
Therefore, I have a humble request to all you honorable MPs to consider my letter sympathetically and seek time to meet the Prime Minister during the special session of the Lok Sabha, so that all of us MPs can meet him and lift the state out of this crisis of disaster.

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