Govt should immediately fill the vacant posts in Junga Hospital: Prem Thakur

All the health institutions working in Junga tehsil are struggling with a shortage of staff and basic facilities. Due to this people of this area have to turn to Shimla or Solan for treatment. BJP organizational district Shimla president Prem Thakur, in a statement issued on Sunday, alleged that the government’s claims of providing qualitative medical facilities are proving to be hollow. Told that for the last 21 years i.e. five terms, Congress MLAs have been continuously elected from the Kasupanti constituency and now they are cabinet ministers. Despite this, Kasupanti assembly constituency. It is the most backward in the entire state.
Prem Thakur said that there is only one civil hospital in 12 panchayats of Junga tehsil. In this hospital, out of eight sanctioned posts of staff nurse, six are vacant. Only two staff nurses are forced to give 24-hour duty. Recently a ward sister retired and another health educator has been transferred. Although there are four MBBS doctors working in the hospital there is no specialist doctor. There is only a serviceman in the name of a class IV employee. In the name of cleanliness, servants have been kept in the hospital on contract for only four hours.
Prem Thakur said that there has been no vehicle facility in this hospital for the last three months. Employees cover vaccination and other programs of the government by bus. The most important thing is that except for CHC Mashobra, 108 ambulance service is not available in any hospital in Kasumpti Vis. In Junga Hospital, Krasna Diagnostics has been entrusted with the work of the lab, the report of which comes on the third day. Similarly, there is only one doctor in CHC Koti. There is no doctor in PHC Trahai for the last two years. PHC is running with the help of a Pharmacist. There is no pharmacist nor any lab facility in Peeran Ayurveda Dispensary. Similarly, Janedghat and Dublu sub-health centers are locked.
The post of cook in the 25-bed Junga Hospital has been vacant for the past several years due to which patients have to buy food from outside. Told that there is a great need for surgeons, orthopedics, and especially gynecologists in this hospital. Prem Thakur has demanded from the government that the vacant posts in all the health institutions of Junga tehsil should be filled soon.
When I tried to talk to BMO Mashobra about this, she did not pick up the phone. CH Junga’s medical in-charge Dr. Manoj said that the issue of vacant posts has been taken up with higher officials.

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