10000 Tourist reluctant to leave Kasol & Kheerganga without vehicles

Five days after stranding on rain-affected roads and highways about 10,000 tourists who are stuck up in the Kasol and Kheerganga area of Kullu are reluctant to move out without their vehicle.

In a media briefing about the flood-hit state chief minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the government had urged them to provide them a police slip about safe parking of vehicles so they could take their vehicles when roads are through later.

The chief minister said that despite assurance ten thousand Tourists decided to stay back in the rain-affected area till the restoration of roads however it could take fortnight to months.

CM also said that 150 tourists are struck at Recong-peo after Cloudburst today. He said that a rescue operation going on in Chandratal and the first convey of stranded people are coming towards Losar. He said that 250 people belonging to Maharastra, Karnataka, and Pune are stranded at Chandertal Lake for the last five days. An attempt has been made to rescue Tourists in a helicopter but the Indian airforce did not allow the pilot to land the copper at an unsafe place on Chandertal and two ministers are now looking after the rescue operation to remove the stranded people. He said that It is risky to drive on the slippery road at minus four degrees temperature in Chandertal therefore evacuation operation is taking time. He said that the vehicle is taking one hour to drive on a four km road

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that all foreigners who are stranded in Kasol to be educated from Kullu with the help of respectively embassy. 

He said that the embassy of Iseral have sought permission for evacuation which is granted by the people. “Embassy Chopper will be able to rescue foreign tourists stranded in many areas of Kullu.” The chief minister said.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that those who are stranded along with vehicles are being given assurance to take their vehicles later which would be kept in police custody and receipt to be handed over to the owner of the vehicle if they want to go home immediately.

The government has to restore the rain-affected roads but it would take time and it would be better if tourists return to their homes. The government would not press anyone to go home but till a rescue operation, the government would provide them with every possible assistance.

He said that power, water and internet, and phone services affected by heavy rainfall have been restored on war footing, and JCBs and heavy machinery is deployed to clear the affected roads.

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