One District, One Product’ to boost Himachali products

The state government is emphasizing the promotion of the State’s unique products. ‘One District One Product’ (ODOP) initiative will be instrumental to realize this purpose.  Unity Mall will be established in the State to prevail this concept, which is aimed at fostering balanced regional development across all districts of the country. One product from each district has to be selected, branded and promoted for enabling holistic socio-economic growth across the state, said Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

The Chief Minister said that products will be selected by taking into consideration the existing ecosystem. Activities like exhibitions, capacity building, etc. at the State and district level are also included in the initiative. GI-tagged products of the State, handicraft products and handicrafts of other States will be available under one roof.

Himachali crafts have a niche market as the Handicrafts in the state are made with the special motive of serving the needs of the natives but these handicrafts are also popular as tourist attractions. The various kinds of handicrafts available in the state include woodwork, leather embroidery, metal wares, carpets, painting and woolen textiles. The vast range of handicrafts found in the state is unique and portrays the artistic skill of the craftsmen therefore its branding is being emphasized, he added.

Sh. Sukhu said that the surmounting beauty and diversity of the state’s crafts leaves an everlasting imprint in the hearts of people. The significance of varieties is also extended to the other products which include Kullu Shawl, Kangra Tea, Himachali Chulli Oil, Himachali Kala Zeera, Chamba Rumal, Kinnauri and Kullu Shawl and Kangra Paintings. People of Himachal Pradesh over the years have developed rich traditions of handicrafts, which are creative and distinctive. The state government successfully hosted the G20 Summit on 19 and 20 April, 2023 at Dharamshala showcasing the state’s products, which were highly appreciated by the foreign delegates. 

He said that Thangka is an intricate and brightly colored painting done on woven material especially cotton cloth, which is a very famous art of Tibetan artisans. These paintings mostly depict Buddha as well as other gods and goddesses. This art is very popular especially with foreign tourists. Himachal also specializes in making fine shawls. Moreover, accessories, embroidery, woolen garments and leather craft of Himachal are extremely precious and popular.

The State Government is committed to promote the handicrafts and handloom of the State in a big way. This will provide unique products to the consumers besides employment and self-employment opportunities to the rural artisans in their own region.

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