Online portal to promote innovative environmental initiatives

The Department of Environmental Science, Technology, and Climate Change introduced an online platform dedicated to collaborative efforts in the conservation and protection of our environment in the state. Recognizing the significant role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in environmental conservation, the state government aims to enhance coordination between government  organizations, such through this platform.

A spokesperson of the department informed here today that by registering on this portal, non-governmental organizations can identify opportunities to amplify their impact on society. This platform provides a space for NGOs/CBOs to contribute resources, share expertise, and showcase best practices. It is designed to promote innovative environmental initiatives that can enhance the effectiveness of collective efforts, he said, adding that this platform encourages strategic collaboration, joint initiatives, and the advancement of ecological conservation.

The portal includes workshops, skill development programs, and relevant educational resources to strengthen the capacity of organizations in addressing environmental challenges. Registering on this portal will also benefit non-governmental organizations by increasing their visibility and raising public awareness about their work through our website, social media platforms, and department communication channels, the spokesperson said.

He said that non-governmental organizations were encouraged to register on the portal and become integral partners in the movement for safeguarding the environment of Himachal Pradesh. Their expertise and contributions play a vital role in shaping a sustainable future for our state, he added.

He said that to complete registration, one can visit the website link: https://agisac.gov.in/envgis/NGO_Home.aspx. For any inquiries, Baldev Raj Thakur, Computer Programmer, may be contacted at mobile numbers 7018355400 and 9418455400.

The spokesperson said that this initiative aims to come together in the pursuit of a greener and healthier Himachal Pradesh. Together, we possess the capacity to bring about significant changes for the benefit of future generations and the environment, he added.

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