Destitute animals camped on the Ashwani Khad bridge

A herd of helpless and mute cows has been camping on the bridge over the Ashwani ravine on the Shimla road near Junga for the last six months. The question is, where should these voiceless cows go? Who knows by what cruel person has brought these animals on the road and left them helpless to suffer? To satisfy hunger, these cows destroy farmers’ crops at night. Many times a day he fills his stomach by plucking grass nearby. Many times these cows, out of hunger, are forced to eat plastic, etc., which causes infection inside the stomach. No one provides grass and fodder to these animals. Having no shelter of their own, these animals keep roaming in the open fields during summer, winter, and rainy seasons. However, the Honorable High Court has entrusted the responsibility of rehabilitation of the animals wandering on the streets to the local Panchayat.
It should be noted that the bridge built on Ashwani Ravine connects two panchayats Junga and Pujarali. The heads of both the Panchayats talk about each other’s responsibilities. When this was discussed with Bansi Lal Kashyap, head of Gram Panchayat Junga. He said that this area comes under Gram Panchayat Pujarili. The same thing was repeated by the priest head Meera Kashyap. The most important thing is that to date neither of the two Panchayats nor the local administration has taken any steps for the rehabilitation of destitute cows. Pujarali head Meera Kashyap assured that both the Panchayats will make arrangements to send these destitute cows to Gausadan so that these destitute cows can get support.

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