Nauni Varsity Scientists to Visit Apple Orchards in Shimla District on July 11 and 12

With the onset of the monsoon, apple crops are at risk from various diseases and pests that can affect their quality. Recently, the Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Nauni has received some samples showing Alternaria leaf spot/blight and other leaf spot diseases.

To provide timely scientific advice to farmers, the university has formed three teams of scientists who will visit apple orchards in Shimla district. These teams aim to apprise  farmers about the diseases affecting apple crops during the monsoon season and offer appropriate advice.

Each team consists of a plant pathologist, an entomologist, and other experts. They will visit the apple-growing areas of Shimla district on July 11 and 12 to diagnose diseases and insect pest attacks on apples. Based on their findings, the scientists will provide guidance and suggest remedial measures to farmers.

Team Details:

  • First Team: Led by Dr. Usha Sharma, Principal Scientist and Incharge, KVK Shimla at Rohru. She will be accompanied by Dr. Nagender Butail and Dr. Ajay Bargta from KVK Shimla. They will visit Rohru, Baagi, Ratnari, Khaneti, and Kiari.
  • Second Team: Led by Dr. Arti Shukla, Scientist from KVK Solan. She will be accompanied by Dr. Neena Chauhan and Dr. Sangeeta Sharma from the Regional Horticulture Research and Training Station, Mashobra. They will visit various areas in the Jubbal and Theog blocks.
  • Third Team: Led by Dr. Shalini Verma, Scientist from the Department of Plant Pathology at the main campus. She will be accompanied by Dr. Naveen Sharma, Fruit Scientist, and Dr. Rakesh Daroch, Entomologist, from the University main campus at Nauni. They will visit areas in the Chopal block.

The visits are being coordinated by Dr Satish Sharma, Professor and Head of the Department of Plant Pathology. The university will also issue a detailed advisory to farmers based on the findings from these visits. The Department of Horticulture has informed its officials of the concerned blocks to facilitate the visiting teams.  

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