HPTDC Offers Up to 50% Discount on Hotel Room Rent amidst Heavy Rains

 The booming Himachal Pradesh Hospitality industry is currently at receiving end after the washing down of infrastructure including four-lane, National Highways, and major roads complete disruption in the transport, power, and water services for the last 15 days.

On Saturday the state hospitality unit  HPTDC have to cut down the rate of its services by almost 15 percent as footfall of tourists drastically came down to negligible in the state including major towns like Shimla, Manali, Dharmshala, and Dalhousie. The news and social media sharing of devastating videos has completely discouraged tourists to visit the state moreover district administration including Kinnuar, Kullu, and Lahaul Spiti has also issued adversaries to avoid visiting the tourist destinations as more than 70 to 80 thousand tourists have been stranded in the flash flood of July 7 to 10 in Manali and in Lahaul Spiti due to washing down of main roads.

  It is worthwhile to mention that during monsoon season Lahaul Spiti district including Kaza, many monasteries of Spiti and Udaipur valley, and Sangla and Karchham ete are considered the ideal place to visit but due to the shutting down of most roads, the hospitality industry got a major set back. The footfall on the Manali-Keylong and Leh highway also swell up in the rainy season as NH-5 remained open between Manali-Keylong upto Leh in this season.     

The spokesperson of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) stated today that the corporation has announced a special discount of up to 50 percent on room rent in its hotels for tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh to be effective immediately till 15th September 2023. The spokesperson stated that by providing this substantial discount, HPTDC endeavors to elevate the overall experience of the esteemed visitors and foster higher occupancy in their hotels during the monsoons.
HPTDC is renowned for its warm hospitality, impeccable service, and comfortable accommodations. The special room rent discount is a testament to the commitment to making Himachal Pradesh an accessible and welcoming destination for tourists from diverse backgrounds.

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