Himachal’s Intkaal-Rajasva Lok Adalat : Seamless process to resolve revenue cases

The State Government is running various development schemes and has undertaken interesting initiatives for the benefit of its citizens. One such historic decision is to hold ‘Intkaal-Rajasva Lok Adalats’ across the state which has witnessed an overwhelming response from the public since its start.

The Intkaal-Rajasva Lok Adalat, first organised on 30th & 31st October, 2023, was started with an aim of achieving speedy disposal of long-pending mutation and partition cases. These Adalats are being organised for the first time at Tehsil and Sub-Tehsil level and the initiative has proved to be highly beneficial for those who earlier had to travel long distances over the years for their cases to be heard.

The State Government has accorded priority to settle the pending revenue cases in a time bound manner and as a result a total of record 89,091 mutation cases and 6,029 pending cases of partition have been disposed-off in the four Intkaal-Rajasva Lok Adalats organised by the Government since October. This new initiative has garnered positive response from all sections of the society and people were happy for speedy resolutions of their long pending cases especially at the Tehsil and Sub-Tehsil level, saving both time and money for them.

The overwhelming response could be gauged from the very fact that January, 2024 alone saw the resolution of 23,159 mutations and 1,958 partition cases through such Adalats.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the government was committed to provide relief to the common man and would come up with various other new initiatives for ensuring public welfare. “For the first time, Intkaal-Rajasva Lok Adalats have been organised across the state with the aim to resolve the long-pending revenue cases. The first such Adalats were organised in October, 2023 and after seeing the success rate, it has been decided that these Adalats will be held on the last two days of every month,” remarked the Chief Minister.

The decision to regularly organize Intkaal-Rajasva Lok Adalats has been taken considering the overwhelming response from the general public and the success rate of resolving the pendency.

Sh. Sukhu said: “It is for the first time that any State Government has initiated a seamless process to dispose-off pending revenue cases on a mission mode.”

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