Zest-23 concludes with a live concert by singer Sonu Nigam

The two-day ZEST-23 organized at Lingayas Vidyapeeth concluded with much fanfare with a live concert of famous singer Sonu Nigam. During the program, Sonu Nigam said that today I have come to my birthplace, and I have family ties with Faridabad. He described the people of Ahmedabad as his family members and extended his best wishes to them. During this, he presented all his famous songs. Everyone’s feet were forced to dance. But his songs send messages and torment us so much that the entire auditorium becomes filled with emotion due to the performance. College Secretary Dr. Picheshwar Gadde welcomed him. Sonu Nigam also congratulated everyone on the completion of 25 years of the institute.
More than 50 colleges and educational institutions from Delhi NCR participated in ZEST and showcased their talents in various competitions. Lingayas Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Science received the Best Zest-23 award and DGIM Law College received the Best Fashion Show award. At the end of the program, Secretary Dr. Picheshwar Gadde congratulated the Event Management Committee for the success of the program.

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  • Soni Nigam is a best singer of the world


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