You ask for any kind of help, Center will give: Nadda

Bharatiya Janata Party’s National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda took stock of the damage caused in Himachal Pradesh due to heavy rains, floods and landslides on Sunday, August 20. He also met the family members of the deceased in the natural tragedy in the state. He also visited the ancient Shiv Temple site destroyed due to heavy rains at Summerhill, Shimla and discussed relief, rescue and rehabilitation work with the local administration in Shimla and Bilaspur. He was accompanied by Union Minister Shri Anurag Thakur, Leader of Opposition in Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Shri Jairam Thakur and State BJP President Dr. Rajeev Bindal. He assured Himachal Pradesh of full cooperation and support from the Central Government and the Bharatiya Janata Party under the leadership of respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

After taking stock of the devastation caused by heavy rains, floods and landslides in Himachal Pradesh and discussing relief, rescue and rehabilitation works with the local administration, the Honorable National President told the media that today I saw clouds in Sirmauri Tal and Kachhi Dhang. Took stock of the situation arising out of the blast, also visited Shivbawdi and Krishna Nagar barricades and heavy rain areas in Shimla. Due to the disaster, there is a very sad atmosphere here. Our Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh is passing through a period of severe natural calamity and tragedy. Seeing the situation here, my heart is distressed and overwhelmed.

Mr. Nadda said that the situation in Himachal Pradesh is worrisome and the state has suffered huge losses in the last one month, about which respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is also aware and worried. Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Mr. Anurag Thakur, all have worked for Himachal Pradesh with seriousness and helped Himachal Pradesh by taking a pledge with full force in the hour of this disaster. He said that all our MPs will give their entire MP fund money for the disaster in Himachal Pradesh.

Honorable National President said that there should be no politics in this hour of crisis. Today’s topic is of humanity, not of politics. All our leadership is engaged in the service of the public with full force. We have assured the Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh that if any kind of financial help is needed, the Center will not keep any shortfall for Himachal Pradesh. The central government will help Himachal Pradesh in every aspect and if any kind of problem arises, they themselves can talk to me as well. The central government will work with full force for road, rehabilitation, reconstruction of buildings and to bring normal life back on track.

Shri Nadda said that the Chief Minister has also discussed with us about the relief manual fund and we will not allow any shortfall in this fund as well. We are repeatedly saying the same thing that “You tell us the problem, we will work, you will ask for help, the center will give you money.” A team had come to Himachal Pradesh regarding the state disaster, which has taken its report to the center and the administration of Himachal Pradesh has also given us several suggestions, on which we will act.

The BJP national president said that till now the state has received Rs 622 crore under the SDRF fund. The state has received about Rs 2700 crore under the PM Gram Sadak Yojana. Along with the National Highway, the Central Government is also committed to provide assistance to repair the State Highways. 20 teams of SDRF, two teams of ITBP, 3 helicopter forces are helping in the relief work of Himachal. Lives of more than 1000 people have been saved through helicopter.

Shri Nadda said that yesterday we had a meeting with the Prime Minister in Delhi and in that another installment of Rs 200 crore has been released to Himachal Pradesh under SDRF, which will reach Himachal Pradesh’s account tomorrow.

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