Workers gathered in Talai in honor of Prem Thakur

On the coronation of Prem Thakur, the new president of BJP organizational district Shimla, Kasupanti BJP workers organized a grand Abhinandan ceremony at Talai near Mashobra, in which a large number of people from Kasupanti Assembly gathered. Former cabinet minister Suresh Bhardwaj, Roopdas Kashyap, former MP Virendra Kashyap, former district BJP president Ravi Mehta, state BJP working committee member Vijay Jyoti Sen, divisional president Jitendra Bhotka, Keshav Chauhan and other party officials were present in the ceremony.
On this occasion, Prem Thakur said in his address that no stone will be left unturned to further strengthen BJP in Shimla BJP organizational district. He has thanked National President JP Nadda, State President Dr. Rajeev Bindal, former CM Jairam Thakur and Organization Minister Siddharthan for handing over the command of the post and will try his best to live up to their expectations.
Appealing to the people, he said that Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in the coming year 2024, for which it is necessary to be united. Just as in the year 2019, the BJP got an unexpected victory from the Shimla parliamentary seat. To maintain it, awareness campaign will be started at the booth level. In which people will be made aware about the achievements of the central and former BJP government and the failures of the Congress government. He said that the former BJP government has disappointed the people of the state by closing the offices and educational institutions which were opened in public interest.
Prem Thakur said that in the last five terms in the Vidhansabha, the dominance of the Congress has been maintained from Kasupanti, yet Kasupanti constituency is the most backward in terms of development in the state. People are still yearning for basic facilities. The condition of education and health sector is pathetic. He told that the people of Kasupanti should wake up now and for once BJP should also be given an opportunity to work.

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