With the able leadership of CM Sukhu, Himachal is moving ahead towards a new direction: Rajeev Rana

Chairman of Himachal Pradesh Unorganized Workers, Employees Congress said in a program organized in Nadaun VISA, that recently there was a huge disaster in Himachal, many people were washed alive in the flood caused by heavy rains, people’s houses were washed away and the state suffered financial loss of several thousand crores

Rajeev Rana said that the common people of the state had expected that the BJP government at the Center would give a special relief package to Himachal at the time of this disaster. But the people of the state were deeply shocked when the Central Government, let alone a special relief package, gave Himachal a special relief package. The limit of loan amount available was also reduced.

Rajiv Rana said that there is a Cabinet Minister in the Central Government from Hamirpur Lok Sabha and the National President of BJP is also from Himachal. But they also had nothing to do with this pain

With visionary and forward-thinking, the Chief Minister of Himachal brought Himachal out of tragedy, Rajiv Rana.

Rajiv Rana said that it is the result of the wisdom of the present Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh that today the entire state is emerging from that terrible tragedy and standing again, whereas the BJP government at the Center and the BJP leaders of Himachal wanted the morale of the Himachal Chief Minister should be boosted. It should be broken so that the BJP can earn its political bread, but every person in the state did not lose courage in such difficult times and the general public stood up to help the state government and the step-motherly treatment done by the BJP government at the Center towards Himachal was put towards the development of the state. I did not let it come in the way and today the state is back on track smoothly.

What was there to help, instead the package was also reduced, Rajeev Rana.

Rajeev Rana said that the real face of the BJP has come to light due to the central government not helping Himachal at the time of the tragedy.

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