eEMIS launched: Youth seeking employment can register online without physically visiting Employment Exchange

To enhance accessibility and efficiency, the present State Government led by Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has decided to implement the motto of ‘Vyastha Parivartan’ in the Employment Exchanges of the State. The Government aims to streamline the registration process and eliminate the need for physical visits to employment exchanges for job seekers.

Under the new initiative, individuals seeking employment will no longer be required to visit employment exchanges in person to get registered. The introduction of paperless registration will immensely benefit the youth, especially those residing in remote areas, by reducing the burden of travel and financial expenses.

Any person can register online or through Lok Mitra Kendra without physically visiting the Employment Exchange. The person can register and upload all the requisite documents online and would also be able to download the token of registration i.e. proof of registration online.

Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said, “The practice of physically visiting employment exchanges for over 50 years is now being replaced with a more convenient online registration system. Previously, even after registering online, individuals were required to visit the employment exchanges along with their original documents. However, the State Government has recognized the potential of technology in simplifying the process and has taken steps to incorporate the same.”

To facilitate the transformation, the Department of Labour and Employment has developed new software known as eEMIS (Employment Exchange Management Information System) and it is fully operational. It enables applicants to register online without any financial implications.  

The Chief Minister said that the introduction of paperless registration in employment exchanges is expected to have a profound impact on job seekers, particularly youth. By harnessing the power of technology, the State Government aims to foster inclusivity, reduce barriers to employment and support individuals residing in far-flung areas. This progressive step is towards digitization which aligns with the Government’s vision of transforming administrative processes and promoting ease of access to services, he added.

He said that the present State Government’s commitment is to take advantage of modern technology including artificial intelligence in order to facilitate the people of the State and provide them services at their door steps in a better way. 

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