Animal Husbandry team sets an example by performing a cesarean on a cow

The team of doctors of the Animal Husbandry Department has set an example by performing a successful cesarean section on a Jersey cow in Taloti village of Khatnol, due to which the cow has got a new life. For the last four to five days, the cow of Taloti’s cattle rearer Vinay Kumar has suffered a lot due to the pain of delivery. Vinay Kumar contacted Veterinary Officer Devla Dr. Akshay Dhawan. Dr. Dhawan went to the spot and examined the labor pains of the cow. During the investigation, they found that the cow’s uterus had rotated about 90 to 180 degrees from its normal position, due to which the cow’s life could have been lost. Initially, Dr. Akshay Dhawan started treatment with vaccines and medicines. With no improvement in health, Dr. Dhawan contacted Dr. Sunil Sharma, surgeon of Veterinary Hospital, Taradevi, and both doctors gave a new life to the cow by performing a cesarean on the spot last night. According to Dr. Sunil, the condition of the cow is now out of danger. The people of the village, including animal husbandry Vinay Kumar, have appreciated the successful cesarean performed by the doctors of the Animal Husbandry Department. It should be noted that Dr. Sunil Sharma has received many awards during his service for providing excellent medical services to the afflicted cows.

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