Vehicular movement closed on National Highway 5 near Chaki Mod

The Parwanoo-Solan part of National Highway 5 has been closed for vehicular movement due to a landslide near Chaki Mod after heavy rainfall overnight.

  The spokesperson of the District Solan Administration said that after a mild landslide, the administration had restricted the movement of vehicles on National Highway 5.

Vehicular traffic has been temporarily banned. The spokesman said that since last night it has been raining heavily in the area, and many roads in the district have come to a standstill after landslides.  

Some vehicles got buried.  And the movement of vehicles has also come to a standstill. Similar information is also being received from other areas of the district.

 Meanwhile, the Solan Police has appealed to the general public that the National Highway near Chaki Mod has been closed after landslides, and other alternate routes of the district are also closed due to mild landslides at many places.

  The police have appealed to bring vehicles on the roads only when urgent.

  The spokesman said that following a minor landslide near Chaki Mor on the Parwanoo Dharampur National Highway, the vehicular movement has been stopped for safety reasons.

This highway is the lifeline of state people due to connectivity with the rest of the nation affecting the supply of vegetables outside the state, ration, and essential goods to the state. The hospitality industry also remained grinding halt during the closedown of NH-5.

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