Various unions under CITU to go on the joint strike on Feb 16

A convention of various unions belonging to diverse fields held here today saw fiery speeches against the central government’s policies deemed detrimental to workers, transporters, employees, farmers, and the common people. 

At Kalibari hall here today CITU activists led by State President Vijendra Mehra, Vice President Jagat Ram, and Treasurer Balak Ram, strongly condemned the Modi government’s alleged that it was siding with the capitalist.

They accused the government for favoring Big Business: Siding with capitalists and snatching economic resources from ordinary citizens, Eroding Worker Rights,  Imposing anti-worker labor codes, promoting 12-hour workdays, fixed-term contracts, and multi-tasking, effectively banning strikes, and dismantling social security.

Implementing “bonded labor and slavery” theories exemplified by Steel Authority of India (SAIL) practices. Failing to deliver on minimum wage hikes (demanded Rs.26,000), contradicting International Labor Organization (ILO) data on rising income inequality, and economically weakening the poor and women.Showing indifference to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) budgets, failing to raise Anganwadi worker salaries for five years, and neglecting mid-day meal worker wages for 15 year.

The convention served as a rallying point for various groups, including Center of Indian Trade Unions IGMC: Industrial Girijan Mazdoor Congress,  Shimla Taxi Union, Anganwadi Workers Md-Day Meal Workers Outsourced Workers: Employed through contractors,  Street vendor, Washerman: Laundry worker, vishal Megamart Employees: Workers at a large retail chain, Kalibari Mandir: Hindu temple and Dental Hospital Workers: Staff at a mental health facility,  Professionals who lead tours and provide information to visitors including Chudu Eshwar Taxi: Taxi , People who help carry luggage for tourists, railway stations, BCS School: Private school, Tara Hall School ans workers belonged to private school etc.

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