Unprecedented Heatwave Grips Himachal Pradesh; Una Reaches 44 Degrees for Second Day

The intense heatwave has disrupted normal life across the mid and foothill regions of the state. Una’s temperature, which hit 44 degrees on both Sunday and Monday, is significantly higher than usual for this time of year. Hamirpur has experienced around 42 degrees for two days straight, while Bilaspur saw 42.7 degrees today, down slightly from 43 degrees yesterday.

Other areas affected include Berthin in Bilaspur, reaching 40.8 degrees, Dhaulakuna in Sirmour at 41.8 degrees, Chamba at 40 degrees, and Kangra and Mandi both at 39 degrees.

Even typically cooler hill stations are not spared. Shimla recorded 30.4 degrees today and 30.6 degrees yesterday. Manali reached 29.2 degrees, while tourist spots like Dalhousie saw 27.6 degrees, Narkanda 26 degrees, Kufri 24.8 degrees, Keylong in Kinnaur 23.4 degrees, Kalpa 26.7 degrees, and Jubberhatti Airport 33.8 degrees.

The Meteorological Department has issued advisories highlighting the severe heat and the increased risk of heat-related illnesses, especially for those exposed to the sun for extended periods or performing strenuous activities. Vulnerable groups, including infants, the elderly, and individuals with chronic health conditions, are particularly at risk.

Residents are urged to minimize heat exposure, stay cool, and drink plenty of water even if not thirsty to prevent dehydration. The use of oral rehydration solutions (ORS) and homemade drinks like lassi, torani (rice water), lemon water, and buttermilk is recommended to stay hydrated.

Farmers are advised to apply light and frequent irrigation to standing crops to reduce heat stress and to use mulching techniques to conserve soil moisture and minimize evaporation.

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