Three individuals from Gujarat registered 184 fake firms in Himachal Pradesh 

The Department of State Taxes & Excise, Himachal Pradesh has been continuing its drive against fake firms. The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), of the department has identified four fake firms owned by three individuals belonging to the State of Gujarat as per Aadhar details. These three individuals applied for 184 registrations across the country out of which only 31 got approved. Ten registrations were applied by them in the State of Himachal Pradesh. While all the registrations applied to the department were rejected, however these persons were successful in getting four registrations approved from the Central GST Authorities in H.P.

Commissioner, Excise, Yunus informed that after detailed analysis of the data of these firms, it was observed that these firms were apparently making suspicious transactions. Inquiries were conducted with regards to addresses disclosed by these firms for conducting business in the State and none of these firms were found to exist.

These individuals have disclosed a business of Rs. 167 crore and have passed on fake Input tax credit of Rs. 27 crore across India. In the State of H.P, they have disclosed a turnover of Rs. 56 crore and have passed on fake Input Tax Credit of Rs. 9.43 crore, he said.

The Department has taken up the matter with Central Authorities in view of the fact that the firms are under Central Jurisdiction and their network is spread across the country. The Central authorities have been requested to take immediate action against these fake entities.

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