There should be a coordination meeting of Aadhati, Ladani, Gardener, and Government: Balbir

BJP spokesperson Balbir Verma said that due to heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, a large number of roads are closed and a large number of people have also suffered personal losses. In this sequence, the state government is creating a lot of hurdles for the gardeners to send and sell everything in the mandis.

The surprising thing is that now apples are being bought outside the mandis as well, if you talk about Parala Mandi, then the process is going on to sell apples outside the most important mandi of Himachal.

The agriculture and Horticulture Minister of the Himachal Government should tell that who are the people who buy apples from outside the mandis, SDM and Police are also receiving complaints about them, but action is not being taken against them at such a fast pace.

This is the first time in the state that the jobbers and shippers are going on strike. You see in Parala and Solan Mandi, the strike is going on continuously.

The gardeners are very upset and due to the fear of when the market will be closed, all the gardeners are migrating to Chandigarh, Delhi, and Mumbai, which is causing a lot of damage to Himachal Pradesh.

Old boxes are also lying with many gardeners and it has come to the extent that the price of 28 kg of apples is being received at the rate of 24 kg, the government should make a concrete policy regarding this.

BJP believes that apples should be sold on the basis of per kg, this will greatly benefit the orchardists.

Small gardeners are very upset in Himachal Pradesh and now it has reached its limit, in many places, the government is threatening the gardeners.

HPMC’s purchase centers are open but everyone knows that they have been closed, orchards are not selling apples in those centers.

The government should work with a concrete policy, there should be a coordination meeting of Aadhati, Ladani, Baghban, and the government. Everyone will benefit from this.

It is our request to the government that the gardener is the provider of food, he should not face any kind of problem.

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