7 houses have been heavily damaged in Spiti due to rain

Due to a sudden increase in the water level in the drain adjacent to Khulaska village of Spiti Valley on the evening of 14th July. 7 houses have been heavily damaged.  ADC Rahul Jain visited the spot and got 43 members of all the houses safely evacuated.  After this, everyone was shifted to the Panchayat Ghar.  Due to this disaster, there has been a lot of damage to the whole village.  People’s fields are completely filled with debris.  ADC Rahul Jain told that because of this the Kaza Losar was disrupted.  But now the path has been restored.  Along with this, efforts are being made to provide all possible help to the affected. Gulab Singh Dhakdu Kaag’s house is in danger due to heavy landslides on both the front and back sides of the house, so now Gulab Singh’s family and Saran ji’s family are living in tents.

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