The people of Khadel set an example by repairing the bridge themselves

The repair of the footbridge which the government and the local panchayat could not do for many years, was done by the people of Khadel and Thana areas in a week. Let us tell you that the condition of the pedestrian bridge built in Khadail on Parvi Khad of Rajgarh block has become very pathetic for the past several years. The wooden slats on the bridge were broken due to rotting. Especially during the rainy season, the people of the entire Diman area used to cross this bridge risking their lives. In the past, after the news was published in various newspapers, the government or the local panchayat kept silent, but the local youth have set an example by making the bridge passable by putting new wooden planks on this bridge.
Thana Basotari’s deputy head Anil Kumar said that this pedestrian bridge was constructed in the year 1980. After that no government had taken care of this bridge and the wooden planks on the bridge had rotted. Due to this, an accident could have happened anytime. Proposals have been sent to the government several times in this regard, when no hearing was held at any level, the local people gathered courage and repaired this bridge to make it pedestrian.
Please tell that the entire area on the other side of Parvi Khadd. This bridge is called Dimman, which includes about 20 villages. Many people, including Jagdish Chauhan of Khadail village, said that the oldest way to reach Rajgarh from the Dimman area is through this bridge. Due to this a walkable bridge was built under Khadail about 40 years ago by the local panchayat. He said that most of the children from the Dimman area cross the bridge to reach college and school. Taking small children by the hand, they make them cross the bridge.
Many people including deputy head Anil Kumar, and Jagdish Chauhan have reiterated their demand to the government to make this bridge permanent. They say that a road passable for light vehicles has been made on both sides of the bridge.

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