The month of July in Himachal received the highest rainfall in the last 74 yrs

South West Monsoon broke the last 74 years’ highest rainfall records as it was the highest since 1949 and second highest since 1901, the Indian Meteorological Department stated in the monthly rain release that recorded excess rainfall in the Month of July 2023 by 71 percent.

The India Meteorological Department Meteorological Centre said that the state received fairly widespread to widespread activity during July Month with Normal activity on most days. The monsoon activity was vigorous on 07, 08, and 09 July 2023 when it received Extremely Heavy Rainfall spell at isolated places. 

 Himachal Pradesh has received 7th Highest Rainfall ( 437.5mm ) from the period 1901-2023 with highest rainfall received in the year 1949 ( 548.6mm ) in the month of July whereas after 1980 the year 2023 received the second highest rainfall since 1949 in the last 122 years. 

The rain shows increasing or departure of rainfall as the state received large excess precipitation( rain or snowfall)  71 percent with 437.5mm actual rainfall against 255.9mm normal rainfall in July month from 01.07.2023 to 31.07.2023,

District Sirmaur received the 1097.5 mm (151 pc) highest rainfall and district Kinnaur received the Highest( excess-departure) rainfall 199 percent ( 197.3 mm  ) against Normal Rainfall. 

Similarly, Solan district received 735.7 mm large excess ( departure 178 pc ) Shimla 584.6 mm (168 pc)  Kulu 476 mm (159 pc), and Bilaspur 469.7 mm (69 pc) District Mandi 517 mm excess ( 41 pc)  Chamba 481.1 (58 pc) Hamirpur 479.1 mm( 46 pc) and Una 410 mm ( 25 ) whereas Kangra had received 654.9 mm normal(11 pc) rainfall and Lahaul Spiti 156.8 mm ( 19 pc normal).

The state also recorded excess seasonal rainfall by 56 pc as according to Met Office Himachal Pradesh got average cumulative 558.1 mm actual rainfall against 357mm normal rainfall in the current monsoon season till 31st July. 

District Sirmaur has received the highest rainfall amount of 1326.4mm(departure by 120 pc) while District Shimla received the Highest Rainfall departure of 747.7 mm (133%

pc) against Normal Rainfall. District Bilaspur had 616.5 mm (66 pc) Solan 984.5 mm(123 pc), Kullu 579.7 mm ( 114 pc), and Kinnaur 234.8 mm( 118 pc) large excess rainfall. 

District Chamba had 618 mm(45 pc), Hamirpur 415.6  mm (46 pc), Mandi 834.6 mm(50 mm)  had received excess rainfall whereas Lahaul Spiti had 172.4 mm(4 PC) , Una  509 mm( 18 pc) and Kangra 862.1 mm( 12 pc) normal rainfall.

During the Monsoon in the month of July 2023 the state received the maximum rainfall of 437.5 mm ( 71% departure)  compared to July 2011 the state had received the lowest rainfall with 163.5 mm rainfall with (-45%) departure during the period 2010-2023.

Out of 12 districts in the month of July 2023, eight districts have the highest ever rainfall however in two each district’s rainfall was 2nd and 3rd digestive. Sirmaur district state had 1097.5 mm highest ever, followed by Solan at 735.7 mm, Bilaspur at 459.7 mm, Chamba at 484.2 mm, Kullu at 476 mm, Kinnaur at 197.3 mm, and Lahaul Spiti at 156.8  mm.

Hampuar had 479.1 mm  which was 2nd highest compared to the highest in 2006 (482mm) and Mandi had 546 mm also 2nd highest that highest 2005 (561.4mm). Kangra had 654.9 mm third highest compared to the highest in 2021(758.7mm) and Una 410 mm 3rd Highest, compared to the highest in 2015(513.5mm).

Rainfall also broke an all-time day(24hrs) rain record as Una town in Una district had highest ever 228.5 mm on July 9, 2023, compared to previous July 23, 1927, Similarly Pachhad (Sirmaur) had  220 mm of rain on July 10, 2023, compared to  189.2 mm of  July, 26 of 1973.

Renowned Tourist resort Manali in Kullu also made a new record as it had 131.3 mm rainfall on July 9, 2023, compared to the previous highest 105 mm rain on July 9 (same day) July 1971,  Keylong( Lahaul & Spiti) 83 mm on July 9, compared to highest 78  mm rain of July 28, 1951, and Rohru (Shimla ) 185 mm of July 9, compared to 170  mm of  July 25, 1966,  Ghamroor( Kangra) 166 mm on July 9 compared  164.8 mm on  July 23, 2021, and  Nadaun (Hamirpur) 160.5 mm on July 9  compared to previous highest 146 mm rain of  July 30,  1996. 

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