The central government has reduced retailer tax by 20 percent on 28 items including apples: BJP

The Congress government has expressed its opposition to reducing the import duty on Apple from 70 per cent to 50 per cent.
Himachal BJP’s co-media in-charge Karn Nanda has said that the government is trying to mislead the public. When the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government increased the apple import duty to 50 per cent six months ago, why didn’t the Congress government welcome it? He said that what the Congress government is terming as import duty is actually a retaliatory tariff (retaliatory duty).

Karan Nanda said that in the year 2018, there was an international treaty on this, which has been withdrawn. He said that this duty is not only for apples but for all goods.

Karan Nanda claimed that the apple coming from outside country would sell at least Rs.70 per kg. It will not harm the apple of Himachal Pradesh. Karan Nanda told the Congress that before coming to power, the Congress had made tall claims regarding the APMC Act, promising horticulturists that cold storage vans would be available in horticultural areas. What happened to him now?
He said that even today the gardener’s money is stuck with the jobbers. The government should answer on this matter, the government is only trying to divert the attention of the public, which is absolutely wrong. The Bharatiya Janata Party argues that reducing retailer tariffs will further strengthen trade relations between the US and India.

this is the whole matter

In fact, in 2018, the Indian government had imposed 20 percent retaliatory tariffs (retaliatory tariffs) on 28 items, including American apples, after the US imposed import duties on steel and aluminum, increasing the import duty on American apples from 50 to 70 percent. Now PM Modi has decided to withdraw the retaliatory tariffs during the US visit, which will come into force within the coming 90 days. In the year 2017, there was a trade of 120 million dollars between India and America. Imports of Washington Apple declined significantly with the increase in duty, now with the reduction in import duty on Washington Apple, the business will increase.

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