State-wide protests will be held on 26th February: Himachal Kisan Sabha

 United Kisan Morcha and labor organizations CITU, Himachal Kisan Sabha, Apple Producers Union, Milk Producers Union including Janwadi Mahila Samiti, Janwadi Naujawan Sabha, AILU, and SFI organized a protest demanding India’s withdrawal from the World Trade Organisation. Has called for.

United Kisan Morcha, labor organizations, and democratic organizations protested against ‘India’s WTO’ on 26th February. It has been decided to celebrate it as ‘Quit Day’. Let it be known that on 26 February 2024, the WTO will be held in Abu Dhabi. The conference is about to start. The organizations are protesting because the World Trade Organization (WTO) imposes a condition on India not to give minimum support prices to farmers and to directly transfer benefits in the form of money to dismantle the public distribution system. Is. Both these conditions are harmful for farmers, the poor, and India’s food security and sovereignty.

Apart from this, the Central Government and the Khattar Government of Haryana are conspiring to isolate and divide the farmers’ movement, create separation among the people of Punjab, and try to take electoral advantage of this division. The protesters are being severely repressed by the Central and Haryana governments.

There is deep anger among farmers and laborers across the country over the killing of young farmer Shubhakaran Singh by Haryana Police on the Khanauri border of Punjab. Samyukt Kisan Manch has directly blamed Union Home Minister Amit Shah for conspiring the murder.

S.K.M. In this case, there is a demand for the resignation of Amit Shah and Haryana Chief Minister and State Home Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar and Anil Vij, and IPC against them. FIR under section 302 of IPC is demanding a judicial inquiry by a Supreme Court judge into the murder, brutal repression and damage to the tractors, including the demand for registration.

Farmer-labor organizations say that during the Modi regime, the tax burden has shifted from corporates to the common people. Studies show that in the last 10 years, individual income tax collections increased by 117 percent, while corporate tax collections increased by only 28 per cent. Modi government had reduced corporate tax from 30 to 22 in 2019. In the 2021-22 financial year, Ambani’s Reliance Industries paid an effective tax rate of only 16.5 per cent.

Recent data shows that there has been a huge decline in tractor sales in the first 9 months of this financial year which is a threat signal to the rural economic health. Meanwhile, the slogan of doubling the income of farmers is increasingly being exposed. Recently RBI Gujarat data shows that the lowest daily wage in the country is Rs 241, which is inadequate for a family of five to survive under the current rate of inflation and price rise. Every section of the society including farmers, laborers, small traders, and unemployed youth suffered during this regime and there is anger among the public towards these anti-people policies of the Centre.

Through demonstrations, farmer-labor organizations have demanded from the government that

– India should separate from the WTO (World Trade Organization)

– Minimum support price should be given based on recommendations of Swaminathan Commission.

– Central government should give legal guarantee of minimum support price

– Farmers’ loans should be waived off

The central government should repeal 4 labor codes.

Demonstrations are planned at about 20 places across the state including district headquarters.

S.K.M. To intensify the struggle, a huge farmer-laborer maha panchayat will also be organized at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on March 14. In this Mahapanchayat, S.K.M. People from all sections including the joint platform of central labor organizations, other labor organizations, students, youth, women, cultural workers, and organizations of small traders will participate.

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