Mandi Farmers Unite to Form Mountain Farmers Producer Federation

In a significant move towards collective strength and prosperity, farmer unions in Mandi district have joined forces to establish the ‘Mountain Farmers Producer Federation’. Under the leadership of Joginder Walia, this federation is set to revolutionize the local agricultural landscape.

The inception of this federation stemmed from the Mandi Literacy and Public Development Committee’s vision to empower farmers and enhance their market reach. Recognizing the potential of unity, they initiated discussions among 15 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in the region.

At a recent workshop, farmers enthusiastically discussed strategies to bolster their collective impact. Plans were laid out for the establishment of specialized stores in Mandi, dedicated exclusively to showcasing and selling FPO products. Additionally, the federation is venturing into the digital realm, planning to launch online platforms for easy access to their produce.

A highlight of the workshop was the rebranding of Dharampur FPO to “Pahadi Ratna”. This rebranding effort, showcasing products like turmeric, kodra flour, tea, laddu, and fruit pickles, is not just about a new name but a statement of quality and tradition.

The discussion also focused on product specialization, with an emphasis on coarse grains and turmeric. By concentrating on these items, farmers aim to not only improve the quality but also tap into markets with higher demand.

Joginder Walia emerged as the convenor of the federation, with Bhupendra Singh and Reena stepping in as co-convenors. Their leadership marks a new era of collaboration among 45 members from 15 FPOs, all striving towards a common goal of enhancing farmer incomes and market access.

Looking ahead, the federation is gearing up to showcase their diverse products at the upcoming Shivratri Mahotsav. This event will not only provide a platform for sales but also serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of Mandi’s farmers.

The ‘Mountain Farmers Producer Federation’ is not just a union of farmer groups; it is a symbol of resilience, innovation, and unity. As they prepare for the future, Mandi’s farmers are optimistic about the positive changes this federation will bring to their lives and the local agricultural sector as a whole.

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