Government misleading people regarding Shimla development plan: Adarsh Sood

Senior Vice President of Congress, former MLA Adarsh ​​Sood has accused the state government of misleading the people regarding Shimla’s development plan. He said that the government kept running paper horses for the decision of NGT. He has said that the NGT has also raised questions on the functioning of the government.

Addressing a press conference here today, Adarsh ​​Sood accused the BJP government of bringing development plan to Shimla to take political advantage in Shimla Municipal Corporation elections. He said that even today hundreds of buildings in Shimla city have not been regularized due to this.

Adarsh ​​Sood said that in Shimla, the government had made big promises to supply drinking water round the clock to the people, which was not fulfilled till date. In Shimla, people are upset due to increasing traffic system and lack of proper parking. Crores of rupees are being wasted in the city in the name of smart city. The BJP has spent crores of rupees on roadside holdings on its campaign.

Adarsh ​​Sood said that the BJP government of the state has misused the government machinery on its election rallies. He said that the BJP spent crores only on the rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hundreds of buses were canceled by canceling several routes of HRTC for his rallies in Bilaspur, Una, Chaba. He said that Jai Ram government has completely disturbed the economic condition of the state. The state has been submerged in debt of more than 70 thousand crores. The employees are not even being paid their due allowances. Whatever loan the government has taken was spent for the devotees and election rallies and political gains of its leaders.

Expressing disappointment over the tenure of Jai Ram Sarkar in the state, Adarsh ​​Sood said that today the way inflation and unemployment is high in the state, every section is upset and hurt. He said that there is going to be a change of power in the state. He said that the old pension would be restored to the employees as soon as the Congress government is formed in the state. To give relief to the people from the rising inflation, a big startup scheme will be started for the unemployed youth to give relief from unemployment and financial assistance of Rs 1500 per month to the women. In this they will be given interest free loan to start their self-employment.

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