Shimla MC owner of Shimla Town Hall: Former Mayor

Former Mayor of Shimla MC Sanjay Chauhan stated today that the Town hall’s ownership belonged to Shimla MC as the revenue title clearly mentioned that SMC is the owner and in legal possession of this heritage property.

In an open letter written to the  Chief Minister of the State on February 12, 2023, the Former Mayor has already demanded to completely hand over the possession of Town Hall to Municipal Corporation Shimla.  

He said that new development came forth yesterday as the state government tried to infringe this title against autonomous bodies.

Releasing a copy of the open letter to the media on account of new facts he said that Town Hall of Municipal Corporation is legally and officially the property of Municipal Corporation Shimla and as per revenue records it is owned by SMC moreover the office is also registered in the records. 

It is worthwhile to mention that SMC has challenged the Himachal Pradesh High Court in the Supreme Court to set aside the order passed by the court against the property title.

He said that the High Court did not completely deprive SMC to use the premises therefore, it should be used by the Corporation according to its discretion and requirement and no unnecessary external interference should be done in it.

 Even at the time of its renovation, its use was decided according to the requirement in the map which was passed by the then Municipal Corporation House.  

In this, the mayor, deputy mayor, commissioner’s office as well as a seating area for visitors and a conference room were made on the upper floor, and on the lower floor, the meeting room of the municipal corporation, the councilor’s room and a public convenience center with it.  

During former BJPs in the MC, the offices of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor were established on the upper floor, but the rest of the part was not used.

 Moreover passing a proposal to give the lower floor to a private company, after the High Court decision is against the intent of the court decision is unfair.

He said that in the entire world, every town hall of a City remains under the municipal corporation or urban bodies or city   government elected by the people and such property  only operates by such bodies

The letter demanded that  Chief Minister should intervene to stop giving its lower floor to a private company and allow it to be used by the Municipal Corporation, Shimla, which is legally entitled to it.

But in the events that happened after the election of the mayor and deputy mayor yesterday, even the deputy mayor has not been given an office in it.  

This is an attack on the autonomy of the Municipal Corporation which is a constitutional body. 

 The Government should immediately withdraw this decision and while maintaining the autonomy of the Municipal Corporation, cancel the decision to handover the Town Hall to a private company 

Town Hall, which is a historical heritage, should be used for public benefit, he demanded.

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