SFI questions the appointment of teachers in a press release

About two years ago, when the country was trying to recover from the coronavirus epidemic, under the same guise, fake recruitment of teachers was going on at Himachal Pradesh University and anyone (teachers, students, and employee organizations) was being cheated. , could not understand how to stop this fraud. SFI believes that the former Vice Chancellor recruited about 280 teachers in a hurry during his tenure, which is under suspicion and the present acting Vice Chancellor Satpal Bansal is continuing those riggings and is supporting the Vice Chancellor who is the University Grants Commission. Are ineligible as per the rules.

SFI asked for the records of about 145 selected teachers (Assistant Professors. Associate Professors and Professors) through the Right to Information, which was not given on time by the Public Information Officer of the University, then The first appeal was made under the Act, even then the information was not given and the second After appealing to the State Information Commission, we were given information which is about 13000 pages and for this, with the help of aware students, staff and teachers of the university, there has been full cooperation in collecting Rs. 26000/- for which we are thankful. Let’s do it.

Based on 13,000 pages of information collected under the Right to Information Act, we, with the help of former SFI workers and lawyers, investigated select UGC standards, including:

1. University Grants Commission (Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Other Measures for Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education) Regulations, 2018. [UGC REGULATIONS ON MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR APPOINTMENT OF TEACHERS AND OTHER ACADEMIC STAFF IN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES AND OTHER MEASURES FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF STANDARDS IN HIGHER EDUCATION. 2018]

2. University Grants Commission (Minimum Standards and Procedure for M.Phil./Ph.D. Degree) Regulations, 2009. UGC (MINIMUM STANDARDS AND PROCEDURE FOR AWARDS OF



4. University Reservation Policy and Procedure

5. After scrutinizing the documents of 145 selected Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors collected under the Himachal Pradesh University Act 1971 and University Ordinance RTI, on the basis of unwritten rules, we can say that these teachers are heavily involved in recruitment. There has been fraud and open corruption, in which about 70 percent of unqualified people have been recruited.

Although this fraud is very big, SSI wants to put all the points before you in brief:

Rigging in shortlisting/screening of selected teachers

Giving marks to research papers published fraudulently and not on the UGC list or peer-reviewed.

International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Model Analysis, Vol. XII, Issue 1 Jan 2020. Single author, 5 research papers in same issue & same journal.

Guidelines are given in the application form itself that the paper having an Impact factor less than 1 will have 10 marks and in the case of joint authors, marks will be divided. But in the research paper written by three authors, against the total of 10 marks, 12.6 marks were given to only one.

Such teachers have been selected whose Ph.D. degree is as per UGC Regulation 2009.

And it is not as in 2016. Meaning, that until those teachers completed their degrees, they did not publish a single research paper. Whereas in the regulation there is a condition of publication of two research papers along with four other conditions.

1. The Ph. D. degree of the candidate has been awarded in a regular mode:

2. The Ph.D. The thesis has been evaluated by at least two external examiners;

3. An open Ph.D. viva voce of the candidate has been conducted:

4. The Candidate has published two research papers from his/her Ph.D. work. out of which at least one is in a refereed journal

5. The candidate has presented at least two papers based on his/her Ph.D. work in conferences/seminars sponsored/funded/supported by the UGC/ICSSR/ CSIR or any similar agency. The fulfillment of these conditions is to be certified by the Registrar or the Dean (Academic Affairs) of the University concerned.]

Why are we saying this is fake?

• UGC regulation 2018 which mentions the eligibility clearly states that only those Ph. D.s will be exempted from NET which will be awarded as per UGC regulation -2009/2016.

• If the Ph.D. will be awarded as per UGC regulation -2009/2016, then even if the candidate is NET qualified, how can he get 30 marks at the time of shortlisting?

• The candidate who is not even NET and has a Ph.D. as per UGC regulation

There is no award as of 2009/2016, he has been selected as an Assistant Professor. • And not only this, the Dean of Studies of the University is openly issuing NET Exemption Certificates by ignoring the rules whereas the information collected under RTI clearly shows that the candidate is not fulfilling the five required conditions.

We are deliberately not disclosing the names of the candidates in this press conference, but we would definitely like to talk about the departments and subjects which include English, Hindi, Microbiology, Bio-Sciences, Chemistry, Public Administration, Law, Mathematics, Journalism, and Mass Communication, Sociology, Political Sciences etc. fake and fake experiences

• Many teachers are giving certificates of their experience for which 10 marks are required for Assistant Professors and 8 and 10 years are required for Assistant Professors and Acharyas.

• On one hand, the selected candidates are stating that they obtained their PhD through regular mode and they are also showing the certificate of their teaching experience at that time. Either the experience or the degree is fake?

• The experience institutes are issuing do not show any salary slips or financial proof, they are just giving a four-line certificate on a blank paper which at first glance seems fake.

• This is a certificate of experience which is contradictory in itself that if the candidate did not qualify as per the university standards in the year in which he declared his appointment to the post, then how could his experience be valid?

Example- The candidate is applying for Associate Professor, which requires 8 years of experience as per UGC rules. Now according to the educational qualification certificates the candidate, got a master’s degree in 2004 and a Ph.D. in 2014 and the candidate says that he has been working as an Assistant Professor in a private institute since 2006. But as per the rules here, he has been qualified for the post of Assistant Professor in 2015. So, from 2015 to 2021, he had only 6 years of experience as against 8, how did the committee make him eligible for Associate Professor? This is a very serious question!!

Many candidates are citing their experiences as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, HOD, etc. but have not provided any advertisement, interview, appointment letter, or pay slip as proof.

English, Hindi, Microbiology, Bio-Sciences, Chemistry, Laws, Mathematics, Journalism and Mass Communication, Sociology, Political Sciences etc.

Moving posts of professors from one department to another against the rules

• Illegally transferring the post of Acharya from the Department of Biotechnology, which was earlier advertised, to the Department of Physical Education for the recruitment of his favorites.

• Despite written objection from the concerned department.

against reservation policy

• Against the recruitment process because this seat was already advertised in a department for which applications had been invited and the last date had passed.

• When a new seat comes in any department, a fresh advertisement is made for which new candidates are invited.

Also apply.

Very important:

Here they do this fraud through the Dean’s Committee, this committee is the Standing Committee of the Academic Council so it is not possible to have 2 Academic Councils every time, which have more than 150 members, so in times of emergency and urgent times, 10- This is the Dean’s Committee of 12 Deans whose decisions are not final but are passed in the upcoming Academic Council meeting. Surprisingly, the full Academic Council meeting has not taken place till now after 2018.

Haven’t met for five years. Every fake, corrupt decision is being taken through this committee and passed directly to the Executive Council.

Which is completely against the rules. Dr. Satpal Bansal has also continued the process of transferring the post of Acharya (Professor) from one department to another.

The seat of an Acharya has been taken away from HPUBS to IVS without the consent of the concerned department in the same manner which is absolutely against the rules. Which should be stopped immediately.

According to the information collected under the Right to Information Act, no discussion was held with the departmental academic committee of HPUBS. Whenever a seat is created, a proposal is prepared in every way from the concerned department depending on the workload. Economically Weak (EWS) and OBC certificates are fake


After scrutiny of the documents of some selected teachers, it is revealed that these certificates have been wrongly issued to them due to which the rights of the eligible candidates have been snatched away.

Example: Teachers selected in this category are giving in writing that till the time of applying, they were working as Assistant Professor in any other institute on a regular basis for the last 7-8 years at Rs 15600-39100 AGP 6000/-, then they should have proof of these classes- How can letters be issued? It is a matter of thorough investigation.

Eligibility for issue of EWS Certificate in Himachal Pradesh

He or his family does not own any of the following assets: 1. Agricultural land of more than one hectare in rural areas and 500 square meters of land in urban areas, 2. Residential flats of more than 2,500 square feet in rural and urban areas. / House, 3. Family of Income Tax Payer, 4. Family of regular/contractual employees of Central Government, State Government, Boards, Corporations Autonomous Bodies Public Sector Undertakings, etc.

Biology, Public Administration, Physical Education, Sanskrit, etc. are under doubt under this.

Teachers are appointed by the Executive Council but the Vice Chancellor has personally misused this illegally.

Screening Committee: After the application, first of all, the screening committee examines the documents of the applicant to see whether they are by all the rules or not. So how were the ineligible candidates shortlisted by that committee?

Institutions issuing fake experience certificates: It is necessary to scrutinize the financial accounts of all those institutions like depositing taxes, releasing salaries, depositing income tax in the government account, etc. which are providing experience to everyone on plain paper. Cheats honest candidates in the recruitment process.

It should be seen from them that after which advertisement the said candidate was selected? When did the interview take place? Which rules of UGC were followed? Because it is not that only the candidate is Graduate or Post Graduate and you put Associate and Assistant Professor against the rules. Then as per the rules of UGC, the proof of salary being paid to them will have to be given by those private institutions by the proof of depositing income tax from the concerned candidate’s share.

Scrutiny of officers issuing certificates of different categories: There is a certain qualification for issuing all types of certificates, be it EWS or OBC. The kind of questions that arise on these are very serious in the government sector. How is this fraud happening?

Dean Committee of the University: The decisions are full of corruption starting from the Dean Committee which has the most corrupt people like Arvind Bhatt (who admitted his daughter to Ph.D. without examination, then became an assistant professor in a college, and now his 20- Conspiracy to add experience to a 22-year-old), P.L.Sharma (similar exploits like Bhatt’s), etc. Why

Without even consulting the concerned department, the seat of a professor from the Biotechnology Department was taken to the Physical Education Department against the rules and was also filled against the rules. Information received from RTI revealed that despite written protest by the Department of Biotechnology, that seat was not returned.

The story does not stop here, this Dean Committee again proposes to transfer one more professor’s seat from HPUUBS to IVS i.e. MTA, and the process to fill it is ongoing. It has been found in the information received from RTI that there is no discussion about it. Has been done.

All these riggings have been carried out by Sikander Kumar as the Vice Chancellor who is currently a Rajya Sabha MP and it is being continued by Satpal Bansal who is the acting Vice Chancellor who has not only destroyed the credibility of the Central University Dharamshala and has now ruined the Himachal Pradesh University. are doing.

In cooperation is Jyoti Prakash who is also ineligible for the post of Vice Chancellor and by misusing his position, is adding his services from 1996-99 to his experience against the rules, so that he can fulfill the required service condition for the post of Vice-Chancellor.

Through the item proposed in the EC meeting, permission was taken to declare the results of the teachers’ interview on the same day. Whereas the most important item should reach a decision only after proper discussion.

This was done only so that no candidate could get time to go through the judicial process against the fraud of the Vice Chancellor.

Scams in appointments in UIIT

In UIIT, such teachers have been selected whose academic score in the stylesheet is only 30, 32, and 40 out of 100 and on the other hand, talented and experienced candidates have been ignored.

The functioning of UIIT is continuously promoting continuous action against administrative and financial rules.

For example, the creation of various types of posts for teachers and non-teachers directly after the decision in the Academic Committee of their department, bypassing the Board of Study, and Academic Council and taking decisions directly to the EC.

Because its director is the same corrupt teacher who has got his son admitted into Ph.D. without examination.Ignoring meritorious candidates

In this entire recruitment process, meritorious candidates have been openly ignored and discouraged. Earlier in the recruitment process, there was a distribution of 80 and 20 marks in the final selection, and in the final merit, 80 marks were for academics, experience publications, etc. and 20 marks were for interviews. But this time corruption was openly encouraged and selection was done based on 100 percent interview. No weightage has been given to academic, experience, and publication marks for final selection.

That is why candidates with 86 to 96 marks have been ignored and those with 50 and 60 fake experiences and publications have been selected.

Given all these frauds, SSI demands that the recruitment process which is currently being continued by the Acting Vice-Chancellor should be stopped immediately and an impartial investigation of the recruitment till now should be done by the Honorable High Court Judge on the following points. in which

Selected Teacher: The selected teacher applied by preparing false and misleading documents.

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