SDM did cleanliness in the city and surprise inspection of Nehru Ground Rajgarh

 SDM Rajgarh Raj Kumar Thakur did a surprise inspection of the Rajgarh market on Thursday late evening. During this, he instructed the officials of Nagar Panchayat Rajgarh regarding the garbage and cleaning system in the market that all the public toilets of the city should be open and there should be proper arrangements for cleanliness in them. After this, he also inspected Nehru Maidan Rajgarh and the park built along with it. Expressing displeasure over the lights not working in the Nehru Maidan during the inspection, he directed the officials of the Nagar Panchayat to fix these lights as soon as possible and make drains for proper drainage of the rainwater accumulated in the ground so that the players can play. There should not be any problem while playing. He also asked to clean the park and repair it.
The SDM instructed the officials of the Nagar Panchayat to conduct surprise inspections of cleanliness in all the areas of the city from time to time. He also urged the general public not to throw garbage here and there and leave the garbage to the cleaning workers who collect the garbage. He said that when the Nagar Panchayat vehicle leaves the house/market every morning, they put the garbage in the same vehicle so that the city can be kept clean. He said that by throwing garbage here and there, not only does the filth spread in the city, due to which there is a fear of spreading different types of diseases.
During this, local people including councilor Nagar Panchayat Jyoti Sahni, junior engineer Mohan Lal and cleaning supervisor Rameshwar were present.

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