Roads closed for one month in Renuka Vis should be opened soon: Mela Ram Sharma

Most of the roads connecting various gram panchayats of Renuka constituency in Sirmaur district remained closed even after a gap of one month and cash crops of farmers and gardeners in rural areas were rotting at their doorsteps. Giving this information, the outgoing president of Panchayat Samiti Sangrah, Mela Ram Sharma, and senior BJP leader Pratap Singh Tomar said that the main road from Sangrah to Shimla via Shivpur Chadna Nohradhar is closed, while the road from Sangrah to Bogdhar Nauhradhar and Lana Chehta is also closed. On the other hand, the roads like Sinyu Lagnu, Mohtu Gatadhar, etc. are also lying closed for 1 month. BJP leaders told that thousands of farmers of dozens of panchayats are living a life of helplessness on the roadways and are seeing cash crops rotting in front of their eyes. He said that the poor farmers used to transport two or four pieces of their cash crops daily through buses to the mandis and used to make a living for their families, but their cash crops are rotting in the fields due to the closure of the roads.

BJP leaders said that this has never happened in the history of the last 30-40 years when the roads connecting the villages remained closed for such a long time. He said that this is the first time during the tenure of the government system change that these main roads connecting the villages are closed for such a long time and there is no one to take care of them. He alleged that the MLAs of Sukh’s government are keeping silent on this serious problem and are neither giving instructions to the Public Works Department nor taking care of the farmers themselves. He accused the government of changing the system that the tenders held today in the office of Executive Engineer Sangrah for opening and repairing about 20 roads were suddenly canceled when the invited contractors had put their tenders in a sealed box. Accusing the MLA, he said that tenders put in the box suddenly cannot be canceled without his signal. BJP leaders said that this system is not a change but it is proving to be a government of chaos. He also alleged that JCB machines of Congress leaders were kept on those roads which were closed for many hours just for show and even after a gap of one month, the roads could not be opened for the movement of buses. He told that to whom should people cry their sorrows in the government of Sukh while the MLA is not only silent but also absent from the area. He told that people are looking for Vinay Kumar, the MLA of the government to change the system, and the farmers and gardeners are trying to surround him. Due to this, on when last day he was invited to preside over the closing ceremony of the three-day annual fair held at Sangrah, the MLA returned from the rest house of Sangrah and due to the fear of gherao, he did not come to preside over the closing ceremony of this fair. could not go He urged the government to take immediate action to open the roads of the area so that relief could be provided to the farmers and Gods.

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