Priyanka Gandhi steals heart of Shimla residents and tourists: BD Sharma

The Intelligentsia of the State capital town is used to VVIPs who often visit to state with pomp and show but Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who is no more VVIP but one among the people of Shimla stole the hearts of a number of people the way she interacted with people during her recent visit like a commoner.

Former Director of Information and Public Relations Department Mr. B D Sharma says in a blog written on Ms. Gandhi’s public interaction on the Mall roads and at the revered Jakhu temple.

She made the people of Shimla realize that She is Himachali for all contents and purposes. 

Mr Sharma also added that senior congress leader, Priyanka Gandhi who is living in Charabra near Shimla these days in her house beautifully built with hilly architect.

He said that Ms Gandhi was in the town after intensive election campaigning in Karnataka, which Congress won with an impressive margin defeating the mighty BJP.    

Yesterday, She spent her full day in Shimla town as habit ants of Shimla generally do. In the morning she went to the famous Hanuman Jee temple situated at the top of Shimla Hill (8000 feet above sea level) to offer prayers in the temple. 

Then She made a point to stroll on the famous Ridge Maidan and the Mall Road, a main attraction center for visitors as well as locals.

She also enjoyed a sip of coffee in the famous Indian Coffee House on the Mall Shimla, where commoners including intellectuals, literature, journalists, Members of the Bar, and politicians often sit to take coffee and have discussions on vital issues.  

Late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Krishan Advani, when they were Prime Minister and Dy Prime Minister respectively have also made a point to take the Coffee in this Coffee House during their visit to Shimla. 

The PM, Narendra Modi, when he was In charge of BJP Affairs in the State of Himachal Pradesh, often used to sit in this Coffee House whenever in Shimla. During his last visit to Shimla, a year ago as PM, he did not forget to take Coffee and took it standing in front of the Indian Coffee House on the Mall. Maybe for security reasons.

Coming to the point, Priyanka Gandhi whenever in Shimla behaves herself as not a visitor but as a common citizen of Shimla.

 Her yesterday visit to the Ridge took me memory lane back 52 years, when her grandmother late Smt Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India,  on 25 January 1971 visited Shimla during heavy snowfall and announced the Statehood for Himachal Pradesh from Historic Ridge Maidan,  amidst snowflakes and Himachal Pradesh became the 18th State of the India Union.

 While sitting in the Indian Coffee House, a sitting place we some common friends almost daily, luckily Priyanka Gandhi also visited at the same time,  I find while she was interacting with people her voice and face cut was almost the same as those of her grandmother,  late Smt Indira Gandhi. 

Nehru Gandhi’s family has a special affection for Himachal Pradesh. Smt Indira Gandhi used to visit the State often and stay at different places along with her siblings. Sonia Gandhi has also remained a frequent visitor to Himachal Pradesh earlier. 

Now also she comes to Priyanka‘s House frequently. Rahul Gandhi is also a frequent visitor here. Late Jawaharlal Nehru during his visit as PM to Himachal Pradesh more than six decades ago stayed at Khadrala the farthest and most difficult area in Shimla district.

 At that time there was no communication link. Even the road was kachha, difficult to ply vehicles.

When  Priyanka Gandhi, visited various places in Shimla yesterday as a commoner, the people of Shimla have not liked that the sycophant politicians kept her surrounded everywhere she went, thereby giving her less opportunity to mingle with the people, which she might have enjoyed more the company by  CM, Dy CM,  PCC Chief, local MLA and two-three more would have been enough.

 She had already met them in Congress Bhawan, what was the necessity to accompany her throughout. One can understand their enthusiasm but over-enthusiasm is also not good, Mr Sharma said.

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