Pratibha accompanied Priyanka on her visit to Mandi parliamentary constituency

 State Congress President and MP Pratibha Singh, while giving information to All India Congress Committee General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi today about the devastation caused by heavy rains and landslides in Mandi parliamentary constituency, said that on one hand there has been huge damage to the roads in this area, on the other hand, people The houses, crops of farmers and gardeners were also completely destroyed. Hundreds of people have also become victims of untimely death due to landslides.

Today, Pratibha Singh, who accompanied Priyanka Gandhi on her visit to Mandi parliamentary constituency, gave her detailed information about the damage caused by the disaster and said that the state government, with its limited resources, is carrying out relief and rehabilitation work as well as reconstruction work. All the ministers of the government including the Chief Minister are visiting the affected areas and taking stock of the relief work.

Pratibha Singh said that she has demanded from the Central Government to declare this disaster in the state as a national disaster but the Center has no positive attitude in this regard which is very unfortunate. She said that till now the state government has not received any special financial assistance from the Central Government. She said that she will soon meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and reiterate her demand for special financial help.

During this time, Pratibha Singh also informed Priyanka Gandhi about the issues related to the organization. She said that the organizations in the state are very strong. With this strength, the Congress government has been formed in the state.

Pratibha Singh, while advocating giving important responsibilities in the government to the hardworking workers of the organization, said that they should be given responsibilities soon so that the organization can contest the elections with full strength in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. She said that to maintain the morale of the workers, they should be given full respect by the government on time.

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