PM Modi’s guaranteed car, amazing resolve to connect people with public welfare schemes: Nanda

When the chariot of Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra reached Shimla, Chaura Maidan, special enthusiasm was seen among the public. BJP state media in-charge Karan Nanda said this while participating in the program of Vikas Bharat Yatra.

Karan Nanda said that this is not a chariot but a vehicle guaranteed by Modi. In this chariot, 17 schemes of the Central Government are getting huge benefits across the country and in Himachal Pradesh.

This chariot is moving from panchayat to panchayat and block to block in the entire state, this chariot is determined to go door to door to connect people with the public welfare schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The administration is also doing its work well. Along with this chariot, blood camps and health camps are also being organized.

Nanda said that if you pay attention to the terminology of this visit, the objective of Modi ji will become completely clear.

Development means taking development to every village, Bharat means taking development across the country, Sankalp means taking Modi ji’s public welfare schemes to the people in a determined form and Yatra means going from Panchayat to Panchayat and door to door across the country. Go and connect the public with the schemes.

He said that the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding this scheme has been wonderful and now the time has come that the entire country has put its faith in the guarantee of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If you look at the election results of three big states, the people of the country have expressed their faith in Modi’s guarantee i.e. the guarantee of fulfilling the guarantee.

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