People visiting Ramdarbar chariot from Ayodhya

These days, a crowd of people is thronging the villages under Shilabagh and Devathi Majhangaon, the headquarter of Rajgarh, to have a glimpse of the Ramdarbar chariot that came from Ayodhya. Sanch Pramukh Shilabagh Meera Devi said that this Ram Rath is sent on a tour of one year after establishing it in Ayodhya for seven months, the purpose of which is to make people aware about Sanatan Hindu Dharma. He told that a total of 330 single schools are being operated under Rajgarh zone, out of which there are a total of 30 single schools under Shilbagh Sanch, out of which 15 single schools are in district Shimla bordering on the border.
According to Meera Devi, planning head Kapil Parashar, priest Dayaram Sharma and charioteer Kapil Sharma are conducting this tour along with Ramrath. He told that Ramrath’s atmosphere is being made devotional by people in every village by grand welcome and bhajan kirtan. Worship and meeting of Lord Ram and the village deity is being done by the priest Daya Ram Sharma at every place.
Meera said that the tour of Ramrath was started from Shilabagh on June 4 and thirty villages under Sanch were visited, including Bagad, Dhali, Seri, Did, Dibbar, Matlodi, Kufar Matlodi, Dochi, Pab, Dhalevag. , Satlai, Dhar, Dhar Karewadi, Kartu, Padiya, Shirwa, Panisar, Dhali, Bagda, Aanji, Trihai, Nalta, Nat, Bagadia, Nei Neti, Nauhra, Dublu, Tharu, Leunana and Shilli people visited Ram Darbar. These days Sanaura Sanch is being visited by Ramrath.

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