Himachal Govt cautions people about rumors about CM Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Information and Public Relations Department cautioned the general public about rumours being spread about the stability of the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh and Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s health.

Two fake news or rumours are shared by a Himalayan News in Hindi spreading fake news” Himachal is going to get a new chief minister? ”. Public Relations said that information has no iota of truth.

Another similar rumour are being making rounds “Sukhu will go abroad!  So who will drive the car?  Or is the Chief Minister going to take Himachal Pradesh? 

Another fake also on the same platform made at 10:22 PM  Himachal going to get a new chief minister?  CM Sukhu will go abroad!  So who will run the government? CM Sukhu to go on leave claims Congress spokesperson.

In a Facebook post of the Information And Public Relations Department, Himachal Pradesh said that all information is fake.

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