Opposition of water cess by Punjab and Haryana completely Poltical: Dy CM

Deputy Chief minister Mukesh Agnihotri said in state assembly opposition of water cess by the Punjab and Haryana is completely political.  Giving reply of cut motions brought by BJP member in Demands of Jal Shakti Vibhag today Mr Agnihotri said that protest lodged by the border States  compulsion of Punjab and Haryana for sake of their rights.  He said that the 7.19 per cent share that Himachal got in the Punjab Reorganization Act is Himachal’s right, no bailout.  He said that Himachal Pradesh has imposed water cess within the jurisdiction of state and water flowing through rivers to Punjab and Haryana are not being taxed as two states are trying to oppose. He said that Water cess would generate extra income tune to Rs 4000 Crore and opposition should support state government as the move already being done by BJP ruled states like Uttarakhand. He said that members highlighted issue of transfer of low paid Jal Shakti Vibhag Employees and Department would look after into the matter. He said that there would be no outsourced recruitment in Jal Shakti Department.  He said that 5000 posts would be filled under direct recruitment policy in the department however unlike Previous Government no outsource Employees who hired by Previous Government would be re-employed.   He said that the state government has opened half a dozen closed offices in Jal Shakti Department.  After reviewing the decision to close the remaining offices, an action plan would be prepared in the cabinet in this regard.  Efforts would be made to reopen all essential offices.  The house later rejected it after the opposition.  Mr. Agnihotri said that the state government will recruit 5 thousand posts in the department under a policy, so that these people can become government employees in future.  However, he also said that what to do with the people already outsourced in the department would be seen later. He said that these vacancies in Jal Shakti Department would be in addition to the 8,370 vacancies announced by the previous government, as the government has not canceled these vacancies yet. He made it clear that the Congress government would not give any contract for recruitment to the Clean ways Company. He said that total  1439 drinking water schemes in progress, so that the shortage of drinking water can be overcome. The state government is soon going to provide 24-hour drinking water facility in Dalhousie. Dalhousie would be the first city in the state to have this facility. Deputy Chief Minister said that the work of pipe fitting in the state is now enough. Now the government is focusing on irrigation. The government has changed the process of tender. He clarified that neither the tender process has been stopped in the department nor the payment has been stopped. The irrigation wing set up by the previous government during the election year in the department has been approved by the current government to continue till the month of May.

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